Virtuální konference - brachy plemena
Virtuální konference - 27.5.2020 - od 16:00 - v ruštině a angličtině

Foreword by Dr Tamás Jakkel, the President of the FCI
Attila Marton (Hungary). Breed(er) Specific Legislation, and its consequences
Jorge Nallem (Uruguay). Respect to the Breeds, Respect to the Standards
Revaz Khomasuridze (Russia). Life with Healthy Brachy
Yana Nevskaya (Russia). BOAS Problem and Way to Solve
Jakov Šengaut (Lithuania). BOAS Problem from Veterinary Practitioner’s Point of View
Nikola Smolic (Croatia). Current “Problems” with BOAS and Croatian Model
Petru Muntean (Romania). The Protection of the Natural and Historic Heritage of the Pure Bred Dogs
Stefan Sinko (Slovenia). Breeding Pure Bred Dogs: Past, Present and Future
Dimitry Alexander van Raamsdonk (Belgium). To Breed or Not To Breed?
Yana Nevskaya (Russia). History of Brachycephalic Breeds Evolution
Breeding to Soundness: Mieke Cooijmans (the Netherlands), Natalia Sedykh (Russia), Richard Paquette (Canada), et al.
Ante Lucin (Croatia). Video project in support of the Dutch breeders
Záznam virtuální konference  - 27.5.2020
Virtuální konference - Brachycefalická plemena